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  • Product Functions and Holding Points                                                                                                    1. Dust, sand, stone, leaves, branches, suspended solids, cigarette and beverage bottles, bolts and nuts, and sprinkler system can be cleaned to avoid dust;2. Equipped with fire hydrant water supply interface, the water supply speed is fast, and the municipal fire fighting along the road can be used at any time;3. It is equipped with ceiling type electric fan, which can rotate left and right, front and back, and is equipped with unpowered start and stop device;4. Humanized design, easy to understand operation workbench.

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  • Product Functions and Holding Points                                                                                                    1,Fully sealed cab, glassy and transparent on three sides, good sight of cleaning opertaion, perfect appearance2,240L standard dustbin, easy to replace, there is no need to dump garbage at the transfer station,   saving round-trip time and higher operation efficiency.3,Four Side Brush+ Main Brush Operation, Cleaning more Clean, water spraying in front of dust,   dust suction fan after dust,avoid the operation of secondary dust.4,It can replace large fuel car cleaning, the use cost is 10% of the former, the cleaning effect is better.5,Optional Lithium battery, plus air conditioning.

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  • Small Electric Garbage Truck
    Product Functions and Holding Points                                                                                                     1,Large load, waterproof, vertical tilt and fuel waste docking; 2,Electric operation without exhaust emissions, low use cost; 3,It is suitable for garbage collection and transfer in indus trial park, street district and township street; 4,Dustbin capacity is large, and automatic compression loading and unloading, convenient and labor-saving; 5,Humanized design, easy to understand the operation table, optional lithium battery, plus air conditioning.

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  • New Energy Sanitation Equipment
    Product Functions and Holding Points                                                                                                     1,Electric operation, low cost. Suitable for motor vehicle road washing, road maintenance and other functions; 2,The whole vehicle adopts automobile structure, drive and control system, and the driving performance is comfortable; 3,Large water tank capacity, long sustainable operation time, high work efficiency; 4,The machine is equipped with sprinkler Angle adjustable device, spray Angle adjustable device; 5,The high-pressure water gun equipped in the car can clean the dustbin and fruit bins; 6,Equipped with multi-functional combination of front high pressure cleaning device, to meet customers' various cleaning needs; 7,Equipped with cleaning trolley and high pressure washing site, easy to clean stubborn stains on the road.

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