6 Units C19 Sweeper Shipped To America
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6 Units C19 Sweeper Shipped To America

6 Units C19 Sweeper Shipped To America

Jan 16, 2023

Fengyuan Equipments break through the US market


FengYuan factory had a busy loading day in 12th January 2023 , with a batch of new energy sanitation equipment, C19 sweepers, to be shipped to Long Beach, the United States, is being installed.






The new energy C19 second-generation sweeper exported by the company this time has been customized and designed according to the application scenarios and preferences of American cities, and many functions have been added and improved, so that end users can use it more easily


It is the first time that Fengyuan New Energy Sanitation Equipment has entered the US market, and it is a high recognition of the company's product quality by developed countries.The order placed by the US customer is only a small amount in the beginning. For bulk orders stage,it will have subsequent demand and will continue to increase the order. After this delivery, there will be dozens of times of orders every year, which will bring continuous large foreign trade orders to the company.


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