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    Feb 09, 2023
      Our Advantages: 1. Light weight, high benefit  After a number of software analysis and repeated tests, the tank body, frame and other structures are made of high-strength steel, and the overall structure of the body is more reasonable. 2. Safer and more durable The tank body is automatically welded by robots, and the air tightness test is performed at 1.5 times the working pressure, which is safer. 3. More loading, fast unloading At a vertical height of 15m, a horizontal distance of 5m, and a rated working pressure of 0.2MPa, the average discharge speed is greater than 1.3t/min or 1.1m³/min.  4. Transport materials, wide range Bulk cement tanker trailer can transport cement, fly ash and other special materials. Special tank structure is designed to ensure normal discharge. More beautiful and more square The whole bulk cement tanker trailer has a compact design, beautiful appearance, smooth lines, simple and generous. 5. Less surplus, high benefit The vulcanization angle of the tank and the radius of curvature of the tank are optimized, and the remaining material in the tank is effectively reduced.ading and unloading PO42.5 cement, the average discharge speed is about 1.5 tons/min. With more high-quality products and first-class services, we will help the scientific and efficient development of the powder material transportation industry, get more cement powder tanker from  
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