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Cleaning Vehicle

Cleaning Vehicle

Cleaning Vehicle

  • Garbage Truck Rubbish Truck
    Product Functions and Holding Points   1,It can be loaded with two 240L and 120L garbage cans, which can be used for garbage transfer, and can also be used as sidewalk, community, square, back street lane and other places for garbage recycling and cleaning; 2,The intelligent anti-theft system is configured to alarm when operating illegally and effectively prevent theft; 3,The frame is coated with polyester colored powder. After more than 20 anti-corrosion classical spraying processes, it has excellent characteristics of rust prevention, salt fog resistance, oil smoke resistance, moisture and heat resistance, and scratch resistance. The surface color is soft and beautiful, and the film adhesion is extremely strong; 4,Two sets of brake devices are equipped, and the parking brake can brake both rear wheels at the same time to ensure road driving and operation safety; 5,LED bulbs are used for headlights and taillights, which have the advantages of low heat, long service life, low power consumption, environmental protection, etc., and effectively solve the problem of short service life and easy damage of traditional bulbs; 6,The dual drive differential transmission rear axle is adopted, with large torque, strong climbing load capacity, reasonable and compact structure design, energy saving, environmental protection, power saving, low noise and other advantages. The internal steel gear transmission is adopted, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly; 7,Distribution of special pickup clips for environmental sanitation operation to realize cleaning operation without getting off the vehicle  

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