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Deluxe Edition Sanitation Vehicle

Deluxe Edition Sanitation Vehicle

Deluxe Edition Sanitation Vehicle

  • New Energy Vehicle
    Product Functions and Holding Points    1, Electric operation, low cost, applicable to motorway washing, road maintenance and other functions; 2,The whole vehicle adopts automobile structure, drive and control system, and the driving performance is comfortable. 3,The water tank has large capacity, long sustainable operation time and high work efficiency. 4,The machine is equipped with adjustable sprinkling angle device and adjustable sprinkling angle device. 5,The high-pressure water gun equipped in the vehicle can be replaced, including high-pressure gun head and atomizing gun head. High pressure gun head can be used to clean garbage cans, fruit cartons, and small advertisements for psoriasis on the ground; The atomizing gun head can be used for spraying garden pesticides, cleaning billboards, private cars, etc. 6, Equipped with a manual cleaning trolley and high-pressure floor washing plate, easy to clean stubborn stains on the road; 7,The optional function of installing fog monitor is applicable to the construction site, plant area and community street to raise and reduce dust.    

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