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Depart after the epidemic, Fengyuan's first stop in Tanzania

Depart after the epidemic, Fengyuan's first stop in Tanzania

Apr 22, 2023

In order to further explore overseas markets, develop new customers, and maintain old customers, General Manager Guo of Fengyuan Company led the company's sales elite team to Africa in April 2023 to start a one month customer visit and maintenance. This is also the first overseas battle in three years of the epidemic. This trip is to further explore new customers in the original market, and to further expand the product range, explore new ideas, new needs, and think of customers' thoughts on the basis of the original, Be the customer's dream.


Arrive in Tanzania at the first stop, visit existing customers one by one, inquire about after-sales situation, and solve new needs. And gave the customer a special souvenir from Fengyuan Company, which enhanced the relationship with the customer and received high satisfaction from the customer.


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