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Garbage Collector Truck

Garbage Collector Truck

Garbage Collector Truck

  • Garbage Truck
      Product Functions and Holding Points 1,Double oil cylinder hook arm bucket turning mechanism, which can meet the self unloading operation of various garbage cans such as 120L and 240L; 2,With reversing image, it can improve the safety of environmental sanitation operation and ensure the safety of dumping operation;  4,The back door opens 270 ° to one side or upwards, and is equipped with a locking device to ensure that the back door can lock itself when garbage is dumped; 5,The compartment lid is left and right back to up open type with gas spring. The rear of the box is lifted in parabola, effectively ensuring that the residual liquid in the garbage will not be thrown twice during transportation; 6,Integrated plastic instrument workbench, with wiper, warning light, radio, dual channel audio, supporting USB port, and the foot pedal in the cab of high-end fan is made of anti-skid and rust proof aluminum plate. 7,The coil steel process at the bottom has high tightness for full welding of turn steel, and the top is fully enclosed to prevent peculiar smell of passing vehicles. 8,The frame is coated with polyester colored powder. After more than 20 anti-corrosion classical spraying processes, it has excellent characteristics of rust prevention, salt fog resistance, oil smoke resistance, moisture and heat resistance, and scratch resistance. The surface color is soft and beautiful, and the film adhesion is extremely strong.  

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