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Grain in Ear

Jun 06, 2023

Grain in Ear


Grain in Ear is the ninth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms, the third solar term of summer, and the beginning of the noon month in the Ganzhi calendar. Douzhisi, with a solar yellow longitude of 75 °, intersects on June 5-7 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The meaning of 'awn seed' is' grain crops with awns can be planted, but after this, they will become ineffective '. This season has a significant increase in temperature, abundant rainfall, and high air humidity, making it suitable for planting grain crops such as late rice. Agricultural cultivation is limited by the solar term "awn planting", and after this period, the survival rate of planting becomes lower and lower. It is a reflection of ancient agricultural culture on festivals.


The Grain in Ear solar term has significant significance in agriculture. The Chinese lunar calendar says, "Douzhi is already a grain with awns, and at this time, a grain with awns can be planted. After this, it will become invalid, hence the name" Grain with awns ". This means that the Grain with awns solar term is suitable for planting grain crops with awns; It is also a dividing point for the timing of planting crops, and once it passes, it becomes invalid. The folk saying 'If you don't plant the grain, it's useless to plant it again' tells us this truth. Mang seed is a busy farming season, also known as "busy farming" in folk. This season is the time for planting rice in the south and harvesting wheat in the north.



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