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Hand Push Type Washer

Hand Push Type Washer

Hand Push Type Washer

  • Sanitation Vehicle
      This electric hand push type floor washer absorbs the international design concept and is made of a roll over water tank, which has greatly improved the equipment controllability, ergonomics, drive system and control panel safety. W05 has the advantages of efficient floor washing, drying and noise reduction, environmental protection and energy conservation, and will be a perfect demonstration of Fengyuan's manufacturing ideas for you.   Product Functions and Holding Points     1,Super class cleaning performance ensures fast drying of the ground; 2,Turn flexibly and wash freely in narrow spaces and corridors; 3,The touch panel has a strong sense of technology and good feel; 4,Under voltage voice alarm system; 5,Reduce noise pollution through noise reduction treatment; 6,The wiper rake angle can be adjusted simply and quickly; 7,Easy maintenance, tool free replacement of disc brush and wiper rubber; 8,All fasteners are made of stainless steel to eliminate the trouble of difficult disassembly and maintenance caused by rusty bolts; 9,Intelligent charger, no need to worry about battery failure caused by overcharge; 10,The large capacity battery provides a stable, durable and reliable power source for the machine;  11,Ultra high cost performance, lower maintenance cost compared with the same model; 12,The side turning water tank is used to make adding clean water and discharging sewage easier and faster; 13,When the machine is working, it can be pushed easily, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator and greatly improves the efficiency of floor washing  

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