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New energy Vehicle

New energy Vehicle

New energy Vehicle

  • Electric Industrial Street Sweeper
    Product Functions and Holding Points 1,Seat:Advanced imitation leather fabric+high resilience PU lining+built-in cushioning and shock absorption function+gravity sensing switch 2,Rearview mirror:Rear view mirror of luxury bus with wide vision and no dead angle 3,Light and signal:Headlight+turn signal lamp+brake lamp+fog lamp+reversing lamp+eddy current horn 4,Chassis:Steel structure welding chassis, electrophoresis anti rust treatment; High strength and corrosion resistance 5,Appearance:Fully sealed three side full glass transparent cab, high-quality high-strength metal body 6,Paint and color:Paints of domestic famous brands can be customized according to customer needs. 7,Drive Axle:Electric differential rear axle 8,Frame:The frame structure is adopted, and the main beam is reinforced by internal bracing 9,Tyre:145/70 R12 69Q radial vacuum tire, wear resistant, long service life 10,Braking system:Vacuum booster+hydraulic drive+H-type pipeline layout+hub brake system+mechanical parking brake, acting on the rear wheels 11,Steering Mode:Rack and pinion steering gear+steering wheel+electric power steering system 12,Suspension system:Front and rear dependent suspension 13,Sweeping system:Rolling brush main sweeping, four side brushes auxiliary sweeping, spraying water to reduce dust 14,Dust collection system:Dust suction, filtration, garbage collection, 240L standard trash can, garbage can can be easily replaced 15,Speed Control System:Stepless speed change (directly driven by motor) 16,Waste conveying system:Synchronous belt conveying, low noise 17,Main brush drive system:Main brush direct drive motor, no transmission loss, super power saving  

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