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Self Loading And Unloading Vehicle

Self Loading And Unloading Vehicle

Self Loading And Unloading Vehicle

  • Sanitation Vehicle
      Product Functions and Holding Points   1,The utility model relates to a domestic garbage collector which adopts a rear tipping bucket mechanism for loading and a high tipping garbage container for unloading; 2,The body adopts streamline modeling, beautiful and compact appearance, excellent performance, low operating noise, advanced control, high-quality high-strength steel plate material, smooth lines, solid and durable, novel and beautiful; 3,The structure of high-level tipping dustbin is adopted to avoid the leakage of garbage and sewage along the street during transportation and eliminate the secondary pollution during transportation. The scraper compression device is used to compress the garbage, greatly improving the garbage loading capacity and reducing the operating cost. Its comprehensive performance has reached the advanced level of domestic similar products; 4,165 R13 LT 94/93Q radial tire is used, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life; 5,The standard electric power steering system makes the direction lighter and the operation more comfortable; 6,Equipped with reversing camera, driving is safer; 7,It is applicable to the collection and transportation of domestic garbage in standard plastic buckets (120L/240L) placed on both sides of urban living quarters or streets. It can be docked with other large and medium-sized garbage compactors (standard type) for unloading, and can also be poured into the garbage bins of horizontal or vertical garbage stations.

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