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How to save the shipping cost ?

How to save the shipping cost ?

Feb 11, 2023


Talking about ''FengYuan '' How to solve the cost for customer ?

Fengyuan has always adhered to the concept of customer first, customer-oriented, and provided customers with a series of solutions.

In addition to doing well in product quality, we also have to put ourselves in the best interests of customers.


Sea freight had a very big rising due to epidemic in recent years ,the price of container shipping to Africa is even higher, and our market main focus on in Africa.

For some African customers with a small budget, ordering one semi-trailer to load a 40FT container is not enough to full use of the space. Ordering two semi-trailers will have problems with the overall size when loading.


In order to save the overall cost for customers,''Fengyuan'' people used their brains to install two semi-trailer vehicles into a 40-foot HQ by bolt connection. not only solved the loading problem of customers, but also greatly reduced the overall cost of customers.


The details as follow :





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